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With more than 50,00,000 views on month from artists and bloggerrs of all levels and genres, UKCMUSIC controls the largest network of channels on YouTube, as well as distribution through a growing number of other global partners. For over a 3 years, fans have come to recognize the UKCMUSIC logo as a verified indicator of the premium, official content from the artists they are searching for and those they’ve yet to discover.


UKCMUSIC’s global team of expert music curates the promotion of music and videos across our network - both on and off  music steaming service and YouTube, TikTok - and all artists who choose to distribute their content through UKCMUSIC are eligible for this strategic editorial support, including customized and promoted play listing. 


In addition to supporting videos created by artists (official, lyric, audio, teasers, etc), UKCMUSIC films nearly 1,000 pieces of original content each year, supporting both established and emerging artists. Labels and distributors can contact UKCMUSIC throughout the year to advocate for their artists’ participation in these original content opportunities.


In addition to YouTube and Vevo, Apple, UKCMUSIC also distributes its extensive library of music videos to a number of other distribution partners including Apple TV, Pluto TV, Samsung TV and Roku. See a full list of our partners here.

Official Artist Channels

If the artist already has a YouTube channel, their label or artist can request a new channel, which can be merged with their existing channel as an Official Artist Channel (or OAC). It will be marked as verified by the music note icon next to the channel name. These requests must be made directly to YouTube via the artist’s label or artist. All content uploaded to either channel will publicly display on the single OAC once the merge is complete.

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